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What are Nanorep Contextual Answers?

Contextual Answers Overview Nanorep Contextual-Answers™ is a revolutionary automated solution that delivers context-based answers to your customers....

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How do I contact support?

Dear customer, Please fill out the form below to submit your issue and one of our technical support representatives will contact you shortly! ...

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Nanorep API overview

  Introduction:     The Nanorep API is based on HTTP and uses JSONP (JSON with Padding) for accessing cross-domain resources.  The...

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What is the Nanorep Conversational bot?

Nanorep delivers a Conversational bot solution utilizing the combination of our patented Contextual-Answers™ technology and proprietary Natural...

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How to create a new Support Center in Nanorep?

You might want to have several support centers in different parts of your website, visitors, devices, etc. In any case setup process is easy, please...

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What is Nanorep?

Nanorep provides a personalized guidance channel, accessible at any moment of need during the customer’s digital journey. Nanorep’s Digital...

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