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How do I add the NanoRep Widget to the LivePerson Agent Console?

Overview: In order to integrate the NanoRep widget into the Live Person Agent console, the setup needs to be made from NanoRep console side and Live Person console side



Please read this article to get additional information.
If you need further information please contact Nanorep support team, in order to create the integration from NanoRep side.


LivePerson side:

Installation Instructions:

1. Login to your Liveperson admin console
2. Click on "Rules-->Visitor Rules-->Rule Types-->When chat is established"
3. Click on "New Rule"
4. Fill in the fields name and description. You can enter "Nanorep integration" on both fields.
5. Add Action as follows:
- Type: "Operator Alerts"
- Description: "Show Nanorep widget"
Paste the following HTML code to the HTML field and replace youraccountname with the name of your Nanorep account:
<!--openNewTab="Nanorep" keepBrowser="true"-->