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How do I define a Channel-Value Chat Question?

By tagging the questions you consider as High-Value in your knowledge base, Nanorep will prompt a chat invitation to users asking these questions.


You can easily define a Channel-value chat question:

1. Click on "Knowledge Base" in the menu

2. Click on the "New Answer" button / or select the question you would like to set by clicking on it.

3.  In the article editor, click on the "Options" tab, click on the Channel Value drop-down and select from the following options:  

  • "Low Value - Hide chat" - The Chat button will not be displayed. 
  • "Normal Value" - Display the question and allow escalating to chat.
  • "High Value" - Display the question and allow escalating to chat. In case of chat escalation, it will count as High Value chat for the statistics.
  • "High Value - show invitation" – Identical to "High value", but it also shows the invitation.
  • "High Value - Push chat" – Will automatically initiate a chat session, without prompting the user. This will also count as a High Value chat in the statistics.

4. Click on "Save / Publish" to apply these settings.


Why do I need High-Value chat questions for?