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How to integrate LiveEngage chat

In order to integrate LiveEngage with Nanorep, follow these instructions: (If you are using the old version of LivePerson chat, please use this article)

LiveEngage console settings

1. Login to the LiveEngage console => navigate to the Campaigns on the top

2. Set up a new campaign 

3. Define a new engagement\ Choose the engagement you would like to connect with Nanorep and click edit:


4. In the URL you will find the following structure: https://z2.le.liveperson.net/a/15915821/#camp!campaigns/web/183894032/engagement/708293 532/studio

5. The last parameter is the Engagement ID: 708293532 You will want to copy this into the Nanorep console.

*If you have an embedded chat window, you’ll need to copy the Engagement Element ID as well. Make the button invisible. This is required only for embedded LE buttons.

Nanorep console settings

1. Login to your Nanorep admin console, and navigate to Channeling => Policy.

2. Click Add channel.

3. In the "Channel type" drop-down, select Chat.

4. In the "Select chat provider" drop-down, select LivePerson LE2..

5. Then fill in the account number, Engagement id and the Engagement element id (from the LiveEngage console).

6. As needed, define the conditions for the chat button to appear. For more details on setting up conditions, click here.