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How to integrate LiveChat Inc chat

To integrate LiveChat Inc into Bold360 ai, you must set up the integration in the Bold360 ai Console and in the LiveChat Inc Console.

Bold360 ai Console setup

  1. Login to your Bold360 ai Console, and go to Channeling > Policy.
  2. Click Add channel.
  3. Select Chat for Channel type.
  4. From the Select chat provider drop-down list, select Live Chat Inc.
  5. Fill in the specific configuration details related to the LiveChat Inc. integration.
  6. Optionally, define conditions for the chat button to be displayed. For more information on setting up conditions, click here.

LiveChat Inc console setup

  1. Login to the LiveChat Inc console.
  2. Go to Settings > Chat window > Greetings.
  3. Change the Invite after 20 seconds option to off.
  4. Go to Settings > Channels and click Change your window type.
  5. Set Window type to Embedded on the website.

Once the integration is set up, make sure you are in Accepting chat status in LiveChat inc. You will see the Chat escalation button on the Bold360 ai widget.