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How to integrate LivePerson Chat (Old version)?

The following article explains how to define an integration with LivePerson chat.

To integrate with LiveEngage chat, click here.

1. To integrate LivePerson chat solution in Nanorep, you must first have a valid account in LivePerson. If you don't have an account in Live Person, sign up here.

2. Install the Nanorep API key in your LivePerson chat account. Click here to install the Nanorep API key.

3. Once you click on the link to install the API key, you are prompted to enter your LivePerson credentials.



4. Select the "I have read and agree to the terms" checkbox, and click Approve.


6. Click Finish to complete the installation of your related App Key. (The verification key can be copied later on from your app name, in the following step.)


7. Verify that the API key is installed successfully, under Account Set up => Applications. You should also make sure that the application is enabled.


8. Login to your Nanorep admin console, and navigate to Channeling => Policy.

9. Click Add channel.

10. In the "Channel type" drop-down, select Chat.

11. In the "Select chat provider" drop-down, select Liveperson.

12. Then complete the specific configuration details pertaining to the Liveperson integration.

13. As needed, define the conditions for the chat button to appear. For more details on setting up conditions click here.


Once you set up the integration with LivePerson,  you should see a Chat escalation button in the widget.

Note: You must have Agents online to see this.


Once you have the LivePerson integration running on your widget, you can modify the settings of the chat behavior. For example, setting up a pre-chat survey, setting  skills per URL and so on. To specify these and other settings, navigate to Guided Journeys => Touch points => Personalize and click the Chat tab.

Note: Under each field in the settings, you have a question mark icon which holds instructions for each setting.