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How to integrate BoldChat?

In order to successfully integrate BoldChat in NanoRep, please follow the instructions below.


1. Login to your NanoRep admin console, and navigate to Channeling => Policy.

2. Click Add channel.

3. In the "Channel type" drop-down, select Chat.

4. In the "Select chat provider" drop-down, select BoldChat.

5. Then complete the specific configuration details pertaining to the BoldChat integration - insert the API key.

6. As needed, define the conditions for the chat button to appear. For more details on setting up conditions, click here.

If you don't know your BoldChat API key, please open your BoldChat console, navigate to Chat API setting, then click on the "View key" button.


5. Once you enter the API key in NanoRep, please save the settings in the NanoRep console.

6. Make sure you are on "Online" status in BoldChat console to accept new chats.


Now you should be able to see that Chat escalation button on the NanoRep widget.

In the case that the chat integration is not working, please contact our support at support@Nanorep.com