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What are the benefits of adding the Magento/Nanorep extension?

A Q&A widget for each product for answering shoppers' questions as they purchase

Shoppers can ask any kind of question on any product page and get instant answers which help them to make up their mind. Nanorep addresses three specific types of questions:

  • The General Question

    This does not refer to a specific product, nor to any action that the user may have taken. It is simply a general question -- maybe about your company, or the process of ordering something or about your management team. The answers are automatically retrieved from the Nanorep Q&A knowledge base.
  • The Contextual Question

    The contextual question refers specifically to a transaction, either a product that has been bought or that is being considered for purchase. The answers are automatically retrieved from your Magento product catalog database.
  • The Personalized Question

    The personalized question refers to an actual specific transaction. It may refer to an order placed, or a service which was disrupted or anything else that happens to you, as the customer. The answers are automatically retrieved from either your CRM or from your Magento database.