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Magento Extension Installation Guide


As part of our eCommerce Solutions, Nanorep provides a Magento extension that adds a Product Page FAQ tab to your Magento Store. This intelligent self-service solution eliminates your shoppers uncertainties and significantly increases their purchases and average cart value. See a complete overview here.


Setup Instructions

1.       Go to the Nanorep extension for Magento here.

2.       Select the platform based on your platform and click Install Now.


3.       Select Magento Connect 2.0 and click Get Extension Key.

4.       Copy the extension key.

5.       Login to your Magento admin console.

6.       Click System => Magento Connect => Magento Connect Manager.


7.       Enter your credentials to login again.

8.       Paste the extension key and click Install to install the extension.


9.       Click Proceed.


10.   The following screen is displayed when the installation is completed:


11.   Log out from the admin panel

12.   Login again to the admin panel.

13.   In the admin Panel, click Nanorep => Configuration.

14.   Enter the Account Name and my.Nanorep.com password:

If you don't have Account name or my.Nanorep.com password, please contact your account admin.

15.   Copy the following files and folders (including all the folders content) to your theme folder:

a.       /app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/Nanorepwidgets.xml

b.      /app/design/frontend/default/default/template/Nanorepwidgets/

c.       /skin/frontend/default/default/Nanorepwidgets/


16. Click System => Configuration.


17.  Configure your Nanorep for your Magento store. Ensure that you enter your account name, Knowledge-base, embedded widget DIV position, username and password based on the description below:

18. Enter the Nanorep account API key (under the account settings). please contact support@Nanorep.com If you haven't received the API key yet.

19. You need to configure where to position the embedded widget. The embedded widget is added to each product page. You can position the widget by entering the target DIV CSS.

Note: If the Position DIV CSS is not specified (left blank) the widget will be positioned at the end of the product page.

20. Save the changes by clicking Save Config.

21.   Click Nanorep => my.Nanorep and login to the Nanorep account.