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Nanorep for Magento Overview

The NanoRep Magento extension is a unique self-service platform that transforms the online merchant from being a simple agent into a personalized, self-service driven business. If you are already a NanoRep customer and would like to download the Magento Extension for NanoRep, please click here.

Key benefits:

A Q&A widget for each product for answering shoppers' questions as they purchase

Shoppers can ask any kind of question on any product page and get instant answers which help them to make up their mind. Nanorep addresses three specific types of questions:

  • The General Question

    This does not refer to a specific product, nor to any action that the user may have taken. It is simply a general question -- maybe about your company, or the process of ordering something or about your management team. The answers are automatically retrieved from the NanoRep Q&A knowledge base.
  • The Contextual Question

    The contextual question refers specifically to a transaction, either a product that has been bought or that is being considered for purchase. The answers are automatically retrieved from your Magento product catalog database.
  • The Personalized Question

    The personalized question refers to an actual specific transaction. It may refer to an order placed, or a service which was disrupted or anything else that happens to you, as the customer. The answers are automatically retrieved from either your CRM or from your Magento database.


The Magento extension:

  • Automatically pulls personalized ordering information from the Magento database.
  • Automatically pulls products attributes information from the Magento product catalog.
  • Automatically installs the Nanorep widgets per product, as well as the API and back office.
  • Automatically installs an SEO-based knowledge-base for every product.


  • Shoppers can ask personalized questions about the status of their shipping, billing and orders, and get instant and accurate responses. 
  • Shoppers can ask their questions in any of 64 different languages, and NanoRep will automatically provide translated answers.
  • Self-learning knowledge base, pre-populated with general and product attribute Q&A for all the merchant products. NanoRep gets smarter every day as a result of additional shopper questions and agent answers.The NanoRep search engine provides an answering accuracy of 95% for first questions.

Example: Question topics automatically retrieved from the Magento database:

  • Orders statuses (status, purchase and shipping dates)
  • Recent purchases
  • Product ID
  • Product Category
  • Related Products
  • Cross-Sale products
  • Up-Sale products
  • Stock availability
  • Back-on-stock date
  • Pricing
  • Product attributes (color, dimension, weight, etc.)
  • Product description
  • Bundled products
  • Dynamic product-FAQ widget, constantly updated on every product page based on the most popular shopper questions and agent answers.

  • Optimized for mobile sites: NanoRep self-service widgets are fully mobile-responsive, allowing shoppers to get instant answers via any mobile device or tablet.

  • Game changer SEO solution: 
    The most popular Q&As are crawl-able by search engines - specifically tailored to queries on search engines, resulting in more incoming traffic to the merchant's product pages.
    • Answers added to the self-learning knowledge-base become fresh new content which optimizes the SEO.
    • SEO is optimized already from day-one thanks to the pre-populated knowledge-base content provided by NanoRep.
    • Shoppers can also ask their questions on search engines and be directed straight to the merchant's product pages.
    • NanoRep pushes static Q&A SEO content, which is based on the most popular shoppers searches and requests. This is the most beneficial SEO value, as this represents a micro-cosmos of Google keyword trends, especially relative to how and what shoppers actually type into Google.
  • Answers can include up-sell, cross-sell and related products promotions.
  • Answers can include add-to-cart / add-to-basket buttons.
  • Super fast deployment: All that is required is to download and install the Magento extension on the website. All the customization is executed in the NanoRep back-office.
  • Comprehensive actionable real time analytics
    • Real time insights to the mind of the shopper.
    • Measurable ROI: Be able to know precisely how NanoRep has increased sales, grown traffic and see a definite reduction in support costs.
  • Merchants can see every question ever asked by their shoppers, filtered by product or category, and use this data to optimize the knowledge-base with more instant answers for essential information.
  • See which products get the highest number of attention by the shoppers with the highest level of shopper interest.
  • See the list of the last three questions that lead to every purchase.
  • See which products are being asked about most frequently.
  • Actionable BI that shows which products receive the highest number of unanswered questions, allowing you to optimize the knowledge-base, based on the most needed information and especially on the most relevant products / categories.


  • Conversion for Nanorep-optimized eCommerce websites exceeded all previous achievements
    • Case study by Build.com, one of the largest online home improvement websites, shows $1/2M generated revenue over a single financial quarter, assisted by NanoRep.
      Case study by Cabinetparts.com, shows a 300% rise in conversions within customer interaction with Nanorep.


Getting Started with Nanorep for Magento

Follow the steps mentioned in the setup guide here.