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How to add Nanorep search SDK as part of a customer's form


As part of improving the digital support to the end user, there is, sometimes a need, to suggest answers to questions, when a user is filling a contact us form, or any form that could be filled as a request for help.

In this point in time, we could offer the Nanorep engine to suggest relevant answers, when the user selects, or types the subject of his request.


This is how its done

Please read the instructions below, and view the demos. 

The instruction file can also be access through this link.

Please copy the code and change the following parameters:

account - should be your accout

kb - should be your KB

contactForms - should be the number of form that you'd like to present.

You can find this number in host - should be <name of your acount>.Nanorep.co

so for example if your account is mycompany, then the host should be mycompany.Nanorep.co

QueryField SDK : Documentation