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How do I add a tag data to conversion tracking?

Conversion Tag

The following API allows you to identify the user in conversion reports in order to track the conversion on your website. It also measures the impact that Nanorep usage has on conversion (showing the conversion gain for users that use the Nanorep widget). 

The conversion tracking tool includes a Conversion Log that shows the time and IP address of each converted user that used the Nanorep widget.

You can add tagging for each user that will be shown in the conversion log for each conversion. You can for instance add a username for a logged-in user on your website to see the correlation in the conversion tracking system.

This can be done by adding the ConversionTag value.


_nRepData["conversionTag"] = "CONVERSION_TAG";

Replace CONVERSION_TAG with a unique page name.


To identify a user who purchased a camera, add this line:

_nRepData["conversionTag"] = "Camera";