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Conversion tracking analytics

Conversion tracking measures how Nanorep affects sales on your website over time.

Nanorep uses a split traffic test: website traffic is split into a Nanorep group and control group. This allows the tracking of both conversion rate and average order value, with and without Nanorep.

To enable conversion measurement:

  1. Navigate to Guided Journeys => Journey.
  2. Create a new Journey, as described here.
  3. Implement the conversion script on your website.

Five charts with conversion analysis data are displayed.

Tip: The Revenues parameter must be entered in the script for AOV and Incremental Revenue charts to be displayed.


Conversion rate chart:

This chart shows the conversion rate of your site for the Nanorep group versus the control group (visitors without Nanorep).

Formula: Conversion Rate = Number of Conversions / Number of Visitors x 100.

AOV Average order value chart:

This chart shows the Average Order Value of your site for the Nanorep group versus the control group (visitors without Nanorep). 

Formula: AOV = Total Revenue / Number of Conversions

Incremental revenue chart :

This chart shows the difference in sales revenue between the Nanorep group versus the control group (visitors without Nanorep).

For this calculation, control group sales are represented by extrapolated data that works on the assumption that all visitors are in the control group. 

Formula: Incremental Revenue = Nanorep group Revenue - (Total Visitors x Conversion Rate Control Group x AOV Control Group)

Total revenue assisted by Nanorep is the total revenue from users in both groups during the selected time period.

Funnel chart:

  • Total visitors: The total number of visitors to your website. 
  • Visitors: The number of visitors who are shown a Nanorep widget versus those who are not (Control Group).
  • Converted: The percentage and total number of purchases made by users who used Nanorep versus those who did not.
  • Average order value: Provides you with the amount dependent on your currency set up by the amount of order revenues which were increased by users with Nanorep widgets against those who are not displayed with the Nanorep Widgets.
  • Total revenue: Total sales revenue from users who saw a Nanorep widget versus those who did not.


Details/logs: This chart is divided by two sections.

  • Topics leading to conversion:Questions asked by your customers on Nanorep before conversion.
  • Recent Conversions:  A log of conversions tracked on your website.