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How can I add conversion measurement?

Adding Conversion Script

You can measure the amount of users who have successfully received answers through Nanorep before making their purchases.

The Nanorep Conversion -Tracking feature allows you to track the impact Nanorep usage has on conversion (showing the conversion gain for users that use the Nanorep widget).

Measuring Conversions Through Nanorep

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to Analytics--> Conversions 

  3. You should see a link 'Manage conversions' 

  4. Click on this link to create your first Conversion Tracker.
  5. Follow the on-screen configuration to setup your target pages.
    • Select the domain in which you want to track conversions
    • Set the "Show Revenue Tracking" to your revenue average.
    • In order to track conversions with actual revenue (as opposed to average revenue) you will need to copy the script you get and replace the “xxx” with your total sale value.

  6. Add the script to the post-purchase / thank-you page