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Voices overview

Voices are a visual representation of the questions your customers are asking on Nanorep self-service engagements. With Voices, you gain valuable insight into customer sentiment by tracking question trends, answer feedback and problem resolution.

How are Voices collected?

Every time your customers asks a question or looks up information on Nanorep's self-service touch points, a customer interaction or inquiry is collected. Nanorep's algorithm clusters these inquiries into phrases and the phrases into voice clusters. Nanorep keeps track of all of these voice and displays them as tiles on your dashboard. The bigger the tile, the more popular that topic is in your customer' voices.

Users often ask the same questions in many different ways. Nanorep groups similar questions together to present a clear picture the different topics your customers are asking about. Click on a voice to see the different phrasings your customers use to ask that question.

Clicking a voice phrasing from within the search optimizer shows the phrasing details, including the current answer provided by Nanorep as well as any feedback information.

A voice is mapped to an article via the article title and the phrases that underpin an article as depicted below:

How do Voices reflect customer sentiment?

Your customers are encouraged to leave feedback during their engagement with Nanorep self-service channels. If they like the answer, the voice 'like' counts increases. If they dislike something they'll have to chose between several reasons. Voices with negative feedback are counted as unresolved.

in Voices, Nanorep shows customer feedback using tile colors: blue tiles represent neutral sentiment and correspond to resolved engagements, red tiles represent negative sentiment and correspond to unresolved engagements, green tiles represent extremely positive feedback. For more depth on the algorithm that defines the sentiment level and how to configure it click here

Voice views

You can filter the voices to focus on specific types of engagements you're interested in. The number on each tile indicates the number of engagements in which that voice was searched.

The following voice views are available:

Top Voices

This shows all Nanorep engagements that were tracked during the selected time frame.


These voices show users that were dissatisfied with something: either they didn't receive an answer, or they left negative feedback. A voice can be marked as unresolved regardless of whether it was rechanneled or not.


This shows all voices that have been re-channeled to chat or email agents.