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Dashboard overview

The dashboard gives you insight into customer activity.

Let's look at the information shown in the upper section of the dashboard.

Tip: For info about the lower section of the dashboard, known as Voices, read this article: Voices and the Dashboard: Capturing and analyzing user intent


Each time one of your customers interacts with a Nanorep touchpoint (widget or support site article), one engagement is counted. For example, the following are counted as engagements:

  • Asking a question on your website using a Nanorep widget
  • Viewing a FAQ answer
  • Reading an article on your Support Center

In other words, an engagement is a visit in which a customer uses a Nanorep capability at least once (such as typing a question or selecting an article) in order to fulfill their need. An engagement may include one or more interactions.


An interaction is a request (for example, a search or article selection) and the response to the request. Not every interaction counts as an engagement.

Self-Service Score

An engagement is counted as resolved by self-service and shown as part of your Self-Service Score when:

  • Nanorep provided an answer from the knowledge base
  • The user did not provide any negative feedback.
  • The user chose not to continue using a channel (chat, email, phone)
Channeling ScoreWhen a user chooses to continue using a channel (chat, email, phone), this impacts your Channeling Score.

The upper section of the Nanorep Dashboard