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Questions analytics - Most Escalated, Most Popular, Most Liked, Unanswered Questions

To view the charts, please click on Analytics => Knowledge Base. 


These four lists show you the top questions according to different criteria:

  • Most Popular are the most common asked questions. This helps you to understand what your customers are really interested in.
  • Most Escalated are the questions that most often lead to escalations. This helps you to understand which questions you might want to improve in order to prevent them from resulting into more escalations in the near future.
  • Most Liked are questions that received the most ”like”. This helps you to understand which questions are most satisfactory for your (potential) customers.
  • Unanswered Questions are the top unanswered questions. This information shows you what is still missing in your knowledge base. You can use these questions to add more content to your knowledge base.

Clicking on a question will pop up a chart which gives you graphic visualization of a question's progress over time. 

If you have context,  a question could appear several times and the context will display in parentheses ().  

Use the search box (by keyword) to filter by any specific question.
Please note: the filter is for all four lists; it is not possible to filter for only one list.

In the “most popular” and “most liked” lists, you can also see the trends (the percentage by which the question went up or down in comparison to the previous time period).