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How to measure Nanorep impact on Engagement (Google Analytics)?

Engagement  is a crucial measurement criterion in websites. Conversions go up and publicity is more effective as engagement increases.  

You can include Nanorep events in your  engagement report (by using segments, as shown) to see if these events influenced the criteria that is pushing it up:

  1. Under  Standard Reporting, navigate to Audience => Overview => Behavior => Engagement.
  2. Select the Advanced Segments option located below the Pages tab.
  3. Select the segment you want to include, and click Apply. Note: Ensure that you deselect the default choice. 

The difference in engagement will soon become apparent.


The screen images below display how Nanorep events affected engagement (visit duration parameter).

Before using the With Nanorep segment, the most common visit duration time is 0-10 seconds, whereas after segmenting it was 61-181 seconds.

Without Nanorep

With Nanorep