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How to gather user feedback?

Nanorep offers two key options to solicit user feedback:

  1. Was this article useful? Yes/No
  2. Thumbs up / Thumbs down

In order to define the approach to be used on a selected touchpoint, access the widget personalization (Guided journeys => Touchpoints => Floating or Embedded widget > Personalize

On the Basics tab modify the Feedback type option to define your preference (Thumbs up/down is the default) as presented above and then capture the texts you'd like to present in the following fields, as explained below:

Question title: the question that is presented to the user once the negative feedback form is presented (default: How can we improve this article)

Dialog title:  The feedback Yes/No question (Default: Was this article helpful?)

Placeholder text: Optional - The text that is presented in the feedback box, until the user starts to type 

Disclaimer text: Optional - This text can be used to notify users that this is not a mechanism to open tickets and that if they wish to be contacted they should use the Contact Us options.

Submit button text: The text that will appear on the Submit button (Default: Submit). In any case the negative feedback will be captured whether the user captures a specific comment or not.

The role of the different texts are depicted below: