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How to gather user feedback?

Nanorep offers a number of options to gather feedback about answers they receive from your website visitors . Customization options are designed to make feedback process submission easy and allows you to get the exact data you need.

Feedback styling

Feedback is attached to the bottom of each article and can be shown in two forms: 

1) Like/Dislike icons

2) Textual questions

In order to set the form you want on a selected touchpoint, access the widget personalization menu: Guided journeys => Touchpoints => Floating or Embedded widget => Personalize

Once selected, you can also customize view of selected form using fields below.


You can upload custom icons for both thumbs. 


In textual form you can adjust  all displayed text values.

Feedback question - the text is displayed near the possible answers, default value - Was this article helpful?   
Positive text   - textual representation of positive feedback, default value - Yes
Negative text  -   textual representation of negative feedback, default value - No


Negative feedback customization

Positive feedback is pretty straightforward - visitor is happy with provided answer to his query. On the other hand, negative feedback is a much more complicated choice. What exactly didn't like the widget user? Was answer not related to question he asked? Was answer not good enough? Answers to these and other questions are the first data which you should take into account when improving your knowledgebase articles. We understand that each of you may want to receive negative feedback in different forms so for both feedback styles 3 negative feedback customization options are available (you can change them in the same settings page)


 Open Text

This is the most basic way of gathering negative feedback. Upon clicking on negative feedback option, visitor will be presented with the text field in which he can input any feedback he wants. 

Customization options for this type of submissions are the following: 

Dialog Title - title of the form submission. You can use it to specify what kind of feedback you would like to receive. Default value - How can we improve this article? 

Placeholder Text - predefined text which is present in text field before user click on it. 

Disclaimer Text - this field can be used to provide any kind of disclaimers for visitors who submit the form. It will be shown just under the text field.

Submit Button Text - text on submit button. Default value - Submit


Multiple choice

Another option we offer is a selection from 2 available choices.  It is a much quicker and easier to click on radio button, so you will likely get more feedback, especially if you have multi language user base. 

Customization options include changing of:

Search problem text - first possible answer. Default value - Missing or incorrect information
Problem with answer text - second possible answer. Default value - Answer irrelevant to the page


Multiple choice + Open Text

As the title says, it is a combination of first two options. You can set both text field and radio button options. It is a good solution if you, for example, want to gather feedback in free form and easily distinguish it in Reports. 

Customization options for this type is the same as for Multiple choice and Open Text.