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Scenarios that are counted as answered sessions

By Email:

1. Rep answers a ticket using his email
2. Rep answer a ticket using web console (Inbox)
3. Answering to a forwarded Nanorep ticket outside the Nanorep ticketing system (e.g. using personal email client)
By Widget:
1. if end user asks a question, gets an answer and NOT escalating (by chat or email), answered-sessions is counted.
If the user didn't use the widget for ~45 secs, any activity will be counted as if it's a new session.
Additional scenarios to be noted:
     a. End user gets an automatic answer from the widget (the number of answered session is incremented by one), idle for ~45 seconds, then escalates. In this case answered-sessions will be decremented back.
     b. End user asks different questions which are basically the same one (e.g. "What", "What is", "What is Nanorep?").  answered-sessions will be counted only if "What is Nanorep" has answers.
     c. End user asks a question and deletes it:   "What is Nanorep?", "What is".  answered-sessions will be counted only if "What is" has answers.
2. When open FAQ widget item (if you open other item, it will count it as well).
By Chat
Count only when Chat agent answers
The following scenarios don't influence the number of Answered Sessions:
1. Ticket closed without answering
2. Correspondence in the ticket/email
3. Resume to chat 
4. Using Nanorep suggestions during chat