Welcome To Our Customer Service Portal

Voices Dashboard

The customers interactions are clustered into voices that provide insights relative to the hot topics as well as issues that are not being resolved.
The dashboard can be found on the home page of the console. It is presented per the selected knowledge base.

The tabs that are placed above the voice tiles allow you to view:
All voices - The voices that were gathered in the selected period.
Unresolved - The voices for which no answer was found. 
Channeled - The voices related to interactions that have been channeled.
Completed - The voices related to customer journeys that hit a completion indicator.
Muted -  The voices that have been muted.
Top trending voices - Currently shows same as all voices. In the future it will show comparison to previous period.

The color of the tile is based on the user signals. If majority of the interactions within the voice cluster received negative signals then the tile is red. Read more about voices classification here. To see additional voices click the arrow on the right hand side.

If there are several distinct phrasings within the voice,
a tiles icon is presented on the top right corner of the tile.
Click it to drill down into the phrasings that comprise the voice.

The actions to deal with a voice, whether to mute a voice or fix a voice can be accessed on the left hand top corner, as shown below:

The information on the voices dashboard can be presented for specific duration and device.