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How are voices classified?

  • A voice that is processed and associated with an article is neutral and therefore blue.
  • A voice that is processed and remains unanswered is classified as a red voice, calling for attention.
  • A voice can also be colored red if it receives an amount of negative feedback that is above the account's health threshold and the minimum amount of interactions with feedback.
  • A voice will be classified as green if the amount of positive feedback is above the health threshold and the minimum amount of interactions with feedback.
  • A voice that has both significant negative and positive feedback will be colored red, as it signals mixed opinions and therefore needs to be explored.

The account health settings can be found at: Settings => Knowledge base  => Account health, on the screen presented below.
The default values are based on Nanorep's analytics across all accounts. It may be useful to check your customers' feedback propensity and modify the values accordingly.

The following example illustrates a voice classification life cycle based on the account health parameters defined above.

  • The default health threshold is defined as 0.5 (amount of feedback divided by the amount of interactions)- meaning: to get a color change you need 50% negative (or positive) feedback.
  • The minimum amount of feedback that is needed in order for the classification to be considered: 2 interactions.
WeekInteractionsFeedbackVoice Color Classification
11001 negativeBlue (negative FB above threshold but below minimum amount of interactions with FB)
21502 negativeRed
33002 negative
2 positive
Red (the voice is classified as red if the amount of negative FB suggests an issue, regardless of the amount of positive FB)
45002 negative
2 positive
Blue (neither negative nor positive FB reaches the threshold)
56002 negative
4 positive
Green (negative FB did not reach the threshold and positive FB above threshold)

It is important to note that the color classification is cumulative across time and is not related to the time period selected for the dashboard.