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What is the user’s flow view?

What is the User's flow view?

The User's flow view gives you a better understanding, in a visual way, of why your users asked a specific question, and what happened before and after this question was asked. 

The flow view displays the user's voice (the specific question under examination) in its center. The actions the user performed before the voice are displayed to the left, while the actions that followed the voice are shown to the right. This new feature gives you better understanding of context, process, and trends in the customer journey, and will help you make connections between questions that you find often come together.

You can click on a specific action on the left side (or right side) of the screen to see the flow of the specific action.

How to activate the user's flow view?

Contact your CS manager to activate the feature.

How do I view the voice user flow? 

In the console, go to Dashboard => Voices panel => Choose the Voice you would like to view => click on the  button and inside find the option for=> User flow.