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What is the Nanorep Conversational bot?

Nanorep delivers a Conversational bot solution utilizing the combination of our patented Contextual-Answers™ technology and proprietary Natural Language Processing.
The conversational platform, opens up a whole new way of interaction with a digital engine and allowing for self-service options. It provides a messaging user experience, enabling gradual gathering of information from the customer, similar to what happens in a conversation. Based on the gathered information and the search capabilities, the Conversational Bot provides the customer relevant and as applicable personal information.
The conversational type of UX can be deployed across multiple touch points such as messaging platforms (e.g. FB), within the app and on the web.

Furthermore, Nanorep allows for a dynamic selection of parameters that can be based either on integration with your API (or external ones) or based on dynamic lists that you provide to retrieve information.

Here are the key differentiators with some examples:

  1. Continuous Conversation
  2. Conversational prompts
  3. Dynamic Content / Personalization
  4. Buttons / Selection Options
  5. Carousels


Continuous Conversations
You have the ability to customize the bot’s ‘memory’ and define the context in which the bot will remember pieces of the conversation.
The advantage is that you can hold a conversation, very similar to talking to someone, where the bot will remember the context based on what you already told it




Conversational Prompts
Very similar to a conversation with a real person, if the bot does not have enough information to answer your question, you can teach it to ask follow-up questions to complete the information.
Basically, the bot will identify the intent and will follow with prompts for further information needed before providing an answer.

Example (one prompt)



Example (multiple prompts)



Dynamic Content / Personalization

You have the ability to define one article (one answer) that would answer a question based on dynamic information that can come either from an API or based on a dynamic table

The integration with your API can drive personalization in the bot and can answer questions like ‘what is the status of my claim?’ or ‘How many miles are available for me to redeem from my account?’

Using a dynamic table – can retrieve different information based on context from a dynamic table with various values (see couple of examples below, each use a single article to retrieve parameter based information).

Example 1:


Example 2:



Buttons / Selection Options

Buttons allow you to add some structure into the bot conversation and offer article specific and follow-up actions where relevant to your audience.

These buttons can either direct to other articles or content areas, open a URL, click to call.

Example (Buttons leading to articles/options)

Example (Buttons leading website or click to call)




If you read so far… you probably noticed the various uses of images ‘galleries’.
Galleries are one of the things helping bring life and color into the bot and be used as more inspirational or informational aspects.

You can use multiple images/pictures that the user will be able to scroll between and be able to take relevant action for each based on what you define.

You can also use them for product pictures and offers and have the user select between different products.