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Getting Started

Getting Started with Nanorep

A leader in customer experience and service solutions

The Nanorep solution is based on a patented self-learning knowledge base, and offers a more effective online customer experience. By generating more engagement for and with websites, and providing a permanently visible customer service widget, Nanorep enables constant interaction and access to all possible information about your product, and ensures that customers queries and questions are automatically answered. All this is available in a variety of languages, all across your website, mobile applications and Facebook, and also enables easy communication for customers with your support center, via chat or email.

Converting website visitors through customer service

The Nanorep solution improves customer engagement on websites, resulting in a significant increase in positive customer experience and satisfaction rates, and online conversion, plus a significant reduction in customer support cost. Nanorep allows your customers to stay focused by having all the information readily available, reducing site abandonment. 

To get up and running, follow these simple steps: