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What are the Nanorep glossary definitions?

The objective of Nanorep is to guide your customers to complete a digital task or find the information they are after. The funnel below depicts key stages in a successful journey. Below the related terms are defined, and a PDF version is attached for further use.





Unique Visitor

A unique user (cookie based) that visited a screen with Nanorep capability within a defined period of time.


A user session. The user visited the page where Nanorep script appeared. A visit ends once the visitor leaves the nr pages or within 30  mins of inactivity or at midnight.


A visit in which Nanorep capability was utilized at least once (such as typing a question or selecting an article) in order to fulfill their need. An engagement may include one or more interactions (see below).



An interaction is comprised of a request (e.g. search, article selection) and the response to the request.


A Engagement in which the user was provided one or more answers by Nanorep, either by displaying search results, an article or providing guidance to allow task completion. An engagement with negative signals (no answer, dislike, channeled) will not be considered guided.


A Engagement in which a digital task is completed, including an indication of finalization. Materialized by a completion indicator for digital enabled tasks.

Digital Tasks Completion Rate

The % of engagements that have a clear completion signal:

= Successes/Engagements

Interaction Resolution Rate

The % of Interactions that are responded to without negative signals:

=(answered Interactions - disliked or unintentionally channeled)/ Total amount of Interactions

Self Service Score

The % of Engagements that are serviced without negative signals:

=(nanoGuidedEngagements - engagements with unintentional channeling or dislike) / Total amount of Engagements.


The handover of a request to be further dealt with in a different channel such as email, phone or chat.

High Value Channeling

Proactive offer of human assisted support triggered by an indicator in articles. Useful in dealing with business opportunities and risks.


The reduction of human assisted requests by utilization of self service channels.


A Nanorep component or capability such as FAQ, search, autocomplete, navigation menu that is bundled into NanorepInterface for deployment.


The widgets that Nanorep provides to its customers (floating, embedded, support center, Social, etc') packaging multiple NanorepTools


The implementation points such as URLs, and Apps where a customer has deployed NanorepInterfaces.