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Getting Started

How to add a new Journey?

Here's how to add a new journey (also known as conversion tracking script):
  1. Go to Guided Journeys > Journeys.
  2. Click New Journey Tracking at the bottom of the page.
    The New Journey page is displayed.
  3. On the New Journey page, enter a name and click Next.
    The "[New Journey Name]" page is displayed.
  4. Set up your journey script:
    • Track visitors URL: Choose the domain to which you want to add the journey script and collect journey analytics. To add the journey script to all of your domains, select All Domains.
    • Track my sales revenue:  Include sales revenue in your journey script. You must choose a currency.
      Important:Revenue statistics/analytics will be unavailable unless you enable this option.
    • Split test control group: Specify the percentage you want to measure within the control group (that is, the number of visitors who will not see a Nanorep widget).
  5. Click Next.
    The conversion tracking code snippet is displayed.
    Here's a sample code snippet:
<script type='text/javascript'
src='https://my.Nanorep.com/~YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME/common/API/trackConversion.js?account=YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME&id=JOURNEY_ID&sid=39316202&revenue=TOTAL&orderId=ORDER_ID' >
  • The code contains placeholders. You must replace these with real values to correctly track your sales:
    • Replace TOTAL with your current sale value in your currency. For example, revenue=50.00
    • Replace ORDER_ID with your order ID. The order ID parameter is a dynamic parameter, based on the order ID on your site.

Journey Data on the Dashboard

Once you implement this script on the target page, completion activities are tracked and analyzed against the total engagement volumes and shown on the Dashboard:

  • Tracked Journeys: The number of journeys
  • Digital task completion rate: The total amount of completion activities divided by the number of engagements in the period of analysis