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How do new questions and answers get to the knowledge base?

Publish Answers

Publish answers are suggested new answers, or if you will, drafts of potential new FAQs for you to examine and upload to the knowledge base. This data helps you to increase your online knowledge base.

How does the publish answers show up in the "publish answers" queue?

  • When you or your agents are answering a ticket, you can select the "Decide later" option regarding whether or not the answer should be added to the knowledge base. The answer will then be moved to the publish answers as a draft for you to consider (to be reviewed and edited before adding it to the knowledge base)

  • When you as the admin answer an unanswered question you need to select the "save draft" option and it will show in the “publish answers” queue.
  • If you are using 3rd party ticketing integration, when a ticket is answered, it will show in the “publish answers” queue.·               

Where is the publish answers and what do I do with it?

  • Go to "Knowledgebase"and select the "Publish Answers" tab.
  • Take a look at the status of your “publish answers” (suggested new answers by you or your agents). On each Item, there is a counter that displays the number of times this answer was searched for.
  • All of these questions are waiting for you to decide if you want to publish them to the online knowledge base (you can also edit them first) or
  • Click on a question to display the answer.
  • You can edit the answer using a variety of links, images, videos and text types, which can easily be added using the Nanorep toolbar. For example, the Link  tool enables you to add a link to the answer. You can link to a URL, email or another answer in the knowledge base. The Image  tool allows you to add a picture to the answer. 
    You can also click the Source  button to display the HTML code of the answer. You can then edit the HTML, enabling you to add more advanced features to the answer, such as a YouTube video.
  • Alternatively, you can merge the question to an existing answer by using the 'Search for existing answers field', where you can type in a query to find existing answers in the knowledge base. If one is relevant, then you can click on it to teach the knowledge base that this answer applies to the same question.
  • Select "Publish" to add the question and answer to your online knowledge base or edit the answer in the answer editor and then select "publish".  You can also select "Save draft" to save the changes for later.