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How do I add another knowledge base?

Nanorep can create an additional knowledge-base for you.

Adding Additional Knowledge Bases

A Single Knowledge Base for Multiple Websites (Contextual Answers)

Nanorep supports multiple websites from a single knowledge base.

If you have similar content with some modifications depending on different categories or websites, you shouldn't create another knowledge base but rather use just one knowledge base with contextual answers inside. Web visitors can ask the same exact question, and get different answers based on any differentiating information you have on a customer such as the product or page they’re currently looking at.
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Multiple Knowledge Bases

It is recommended to separate the knowledge bases in case of completely different content (for example: internal and external use, completely different websites, a dedicated knowledge base per language and so on).

In order to create an additional knowledge base,  you only need to send the name of the new knowledge base to support@Nanorep.com.

If you want the new knowledge base to be activated on specific pages/domains on your website, you need to indicate that as well.