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Knowledge Base Labels

Knowledge Base Labels

Knowledge Base labels offer a variety of added functionality and ease to creating and maintaining your knowledge base, as well as structuring your Support Center.

Note: For information regarding Ticket Labels, see How do I Assign a label to a Ticket.

How do I create labels and use them to search within the knowledge-base?

Knowledge Base Labels are categories that can be assigned to articles in order to make organization of your Support Center easier and more efficient. Labels can be organized into hierarchies, which is reflected in how your Support Center is displayed, and can also be used to search for specific topics and related answers.

Creating a Label

The following procedure describes how to create a label.

1. Go to Knowledge Base => All Articles, and click the Label iconhttp://www.Nanorep.com/images/support/knowledge_base_new/Label_button.png .



2. In the drop down list displayed, you can see existing labels, and three links, including the Create Label link. Click this link. The Content labels is displayed. In this window, you can add, remove, edit and sort labels.


3. In the Label Name field, give your Knowledge Base Label an appropriate name, and in the Label Color field, select a color for your label.

4. Click Save to create the label. This label will now be displayed in the list of Knowledge Base Labels, and when assigned to an article, will be displayed next to it in All Articles list.  

Categorizing Knowledge Base Answers Using Labels

Categorizing Knowledge Base answers mean that you can easily organize your support page into groups of related topics for easy browsing of your customers.

In the use case of an internal support center, this ensures that your agents can easily find answers, to provide the highest level of customer service.

The following procedure explains how to categorize the knowledge base using labels.

1. Go to Knowledge Base => All Articles, and select the article to be categorized.

2. Click the Label iconhttp://www.Nanorep.com/images/support/knowledge_base_new/Label_button.png . A drop down list of existing labels is displayed.

3. Chose the relevant label to assign it to the article.

Categorizing Multiple Labels at Once

1. Select the required article (or articles) from the All Articles list.

2. Click the Label icon and click Select multiple…

3. Select the labels you require, and click Apply.

You can create Support Center Structure using labels.