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How do I turn an article offline?

This Offline feature lets you hide articles without erasing them. The need for it may arise from articles that are only relevant during specific times of the year (such as campaigns).

To turn an online article offline, please follow these steps:

1) Log into your account at my.Nanorep.com

2) Click on the 'Knowledge' tab.

3) Mark the articles you'd like to turn offline.

4) Click the 'More' button  on top of the page.

5) Choose 'Set Visibility' menu and check the 'Online' option.

6) Click the 'Remove' button .

Once an article has been turned offline, it will show up in the knowledge base as 'Offline'.

You may also change the Online / Offline status of an individual article by entering the article editor.

Once inside the editor, you may go to "Options" tab and check / unchecked the 'Offline' box.

Make sure to Publish the article after making any changes.