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How to lock an article

Some articles can be of higher importance to your organization than others. You might want to ensure that changes in these articles cannot be done easily or set them up so that only specific user roles are able to make any changes.

For this purpose we created the "Lock Article" feature (To enable the feature contact your CS manager):
When an article is locked, no changes can be made to it until it is unlocked.
Any user can lock an article, but only account manager and more senior roles can unlock.

To lock an article, go to the article options and click on "Lock Article." A locked icon will appear at the top right corner of your screen:

To unlock an article, first verify that the role you are assigned has permission or seniority to unlock articles. Then go to the article options, and click on "Unlock Article."  If your user role is not allowed to unlock an article, you will not see the "Unlock" button.

Note that clicking on "Lock Article" will save any changes made to the article, publish them, and lock the article. Also note that only published articles can be locked (not drafts).

If you wish to activate the article lock feature on your account, please contact your success manager.