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How to show personal information in an article

You can show personal information, such as order information, within a Nanorep article in the following manner:

Step 1: 

Create a new webpage that displays the personal information you would like the user to have. This page needs to be clean of any header and footer, and should basically contain only the personal information required.

This page needs to be responsive, so it would fit any width and can be consumed on mobile or desktop Nanorep touchpoints.

This page could behave in any way desired, including multi step processes, such as a wizard like behavior.

Make sure that when a link is presented, this link should have a target="_self" - which is the default target. In that case, the window will be replaced with the next window being called for.

For example:

The first page shows a form to capture order information such as customer id or order id.

Once the information is captured and submitted - the submission click will replace the current page with a new page that presents the order related information.

If there are several orders or if additional details can be presented per order - each order on the list can be clickable.

Step 2:

Create the article and add the general text you would like to have presented above the personalized information. Then click "Source" and add the following code:

<iframe src="<URL of the page from step 1>"></iframe>



Make sure that the URL used for step 2 above has the same domain as your site, to ensure that your page would have access to your cookies and be able to get the authentication information.

If the user is not logged in, and the information that is requested to be shown requires authentication, we suggest redirecting to a log in page, which is a subset page of the regular login page. This page needs to be clean of any header and footer, and should basically contain only the login form (without any buttons for creating an account or any promotional information).

After a successful login, your login page should redirect back to display the page with the personal information.