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How can I control the visibility of answers?

As a content manager you may want to limit the access to specific content for a variety of purposes. For instance, you may want to make the information available only via a support page where there is enough space to display rich content. Another example would be when the information has business sensitivity, such as how do I close my account, so while offering it via search for users who explicitly look for this information, you do not want to expose it via navigation and FAQ. Thirdly, there may content that should be available to agents via the Nanorep ticketing but not open to external users. 


Article visibility is managed on the Options tab in the editor. There are 6 options to be defined. As a default an article is visibile via all touchpoints. In case you do not want it to be accessed via a specific touchpoint, unselect that touchpoint. If you want to keep an article but not display it at all, turn it offline.




An indication of the answer visibility is displayed to users of the Nanorep ticketing as follows:

  • If the answer is available only to "ticketing agent interface" a red "agent only" label is presented
  • If the answer is available only on some of the touchpionts, then labels with these tocuhpoints will be presented, offering the agents an insight that may reason why the user has escalated their request