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Nanorep for Multilingual Websites overview

Sometimes companies have various languages on the same topic.

There are two recommended methods to provide multi-lingual interactions with your customers:

  1. Nanorep offers automatic language translation using multiple language translation engines. It enables you to answer your international visitors and create/respond to tickets in any language – especially if you do not have agents speaking a specific language. The translation engine supports more than 34 languages (using Google translate V2). The quality of Nanorep's automatic translation from English to 34 foreign languages is almost as high as from our dedicated knowledge base per language.
  2. Nanorep allows you to have a separate dedicated language knowledge base for each language, including Asian languages such as Korean or Chinese, and many more. That way, you can associate each knowledge base system with a different language on your website. When a user asks a question, a native answer from the dedicated knowledge base will be provided (instead of a translated one). We recommend beginning with your English-language knowledge base - typically always the largest - and then translate all its content into the foreign language of your choice in order to make your full set of answers available to more users.