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Using Dedicated Language Knowledge Bases

Nanorep allows you to have a separate dedicated knowledge base for each language, including Asian languages such as Korean or Chinese, and many more.

That way, you can associate each knowledge base with a different language on your website.

When a user asks a question, a native answer from the dedicated knowledge base will be provided (instead of a translated one).

Creating a Dedicated Language Knowledge Base

In order to create a knowledge base in a specific language, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Contact us at support@Nanorep.com and ask us to open the dedicated language knowledge base.
  2. Log into the system.
  3. Go to Settings => Touchpoints  => Widgets => Get the code (of the chosen widget):

  4. Choose the knowledge base of that specific language from the "Choose Knowledge Base" dropdown menu

           For Slim Widget, check "Enforce KB" and then select your KB.

       For legacy code, check the "Get legacy embedded code" and then select your KB.

    5. Copy the code and insert it into the foreign language pages script.