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Automatic Language Translation using Google Translate API

Nanorep offers automatic language translation using multiple language translation engines. It enables you to answer your international visitors and create/respond to tickets in any language – especially if you do not have agents speaking a specific language. The translation engine supports more than 34 languages (using Google translate V2). The quality of Nanorep's automatic translation from English to 34 foreign languages is almost as high as from our dedicated knowledge base per language.

Features and Benefits

  • Language is detected automatically.
  • Answer content and widget interface are automatically translated.
  • Once the translation symbol  is shown, it enables the user to see the text in the original language by clicking on that symbol.

Following is an example of such a translation from English to French:

Activating the Translation

To activate the automatic translation capabilities, please contact us at support@Nanorep.com

What Happens When a Foreign Language Ticket is Sent?

  • If the user escalates the question, his/her question is translated to English. The translation symbol  is shown, which enables the rep to see the text in the original language by clicking on the symbol.

  • The agent's answer is sent to the user in English; with a link to view that answer translated into his/her language (using Google translate V2).

  • The user only needs to click on the link and he/she can see the answer in his/her own language in Google Translate.

Translation Analytics

Nanorep offers comprehensive translation analytics. These can be access by clicking on Analytics-> Translations.

They show the most popular languages, the most recent translated questions, and the number of questions that were asked, answered and escalated via translation.