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What is the "Publish" tab?

In the Publish tab, you can answer unanswered questions, or edit questions with answers that are not entirely satisfactory, and publish these answers in the Publish Answers section, which then adds them directly to your knowledge-base. Also in the Publish tab is the Search Optimizer, which is a tool which helps to ensure that the Knowledge Base reflects the most accurate and up-to-date information, in order to best serve your customers.

To access the Publish Answers section:

  1. In the menu bar, go to Publish => Publish Answers. Displayed is a list of answers waiting to be edited and published.
  2. Click the answer that you wish to publish, to open the Answer Editor.

  3. Edit the question and the answer, so that the question and answer are both written in a way that adds to the optimization of the information in the Knowledge Base.
  4. Once you have finished editing the content, click Publish. This adds the new content to the knowledge-base.
  5. The change is shown in the display of how your widget will look, in the right-hand section of the page.  Click the Save changes button that is displayed, and then click OK. The change is made instantaneously in the widget on your website.

To access the Search Optimizer section:

From the Nanorep dashboard, navigate to the Publish tab, and select the Search Optimizer section. The Knowledge Base Search Optimizer (KBSO) is displayed:

Navigating the Search Optimizer – the crucial elements:

  • All Items – This drop-down list allows you to see all items, meaning all questions and answers.
  • All Actions drop down list – Enables you to see questions according to the following filters: No Search Results, Escalated to Ticket and Escalated to Chat.
  • Nanorep search result – shows the results of the Nanorep search for answers to the specific question from within the Knowledge Base.
  • Actions – displays various icons next to each question to indicate:
    - That the question was escalated using the chat option
    - That the question was escalated to a ticket (email)
    - That the question was answered by being linked to a previously published answer or location on the Nanorep website

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