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Actionable Voices

Nanorep's Actionable Voices feature allows you to easily control and manage the "voices" (or customers' questions) in your home dashboard.


Hide button: The hide button removes the selected "voice" from your dashboard.



Mute button: Switch the mute button on inside of  a voice to ignore the open query on that particular voice. This will update that "voice" as resolved (blue).

*The mute button is most commonly used with an unresolved voice (marked red).




Use different answer: This button is used in cases where you would like to attach a different answer to the voice raised by the customer.

Once you choose a different answer for the voice, search results of that voice will automatically be populated with the answer you've attached.



Edit this answer: This button allows you to edit the answer that is currently attached to the voice under the "Current answer" tab.



Add a new answer: This button is only visible in an unresolved voice (red).

This button allows you to add a completely new answer for the voice raised by the customers.