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How do I add an additional phrasing to an existing article?

In order to add an additional phrasing to an existing question/answer:

1. Go to your online knowledge-base by clicking on "Knowledge-Base" in the menu, and then "All Articles":

2. Locate the question in your online knowledge-base (use the search, it's easy!):

3. Once you have found the relevant question, click on it and click on "Phrasings":

4. Enter your new phrasing.


5. Click on the "Publish" button to save the new phrasings.

How to create good phrasing for your article? Quick guide: 

  1. Adding synonym (example: i want to buy tea: buy|porches|sell|stock|get etc..)
  2. Do not add more than 5-10 phrasings per article- this will make precision less accurate.
  3. Try to put key words in your phrasings (from the previous example: tea)

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