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Synonyms Editor Guide

Create groups of synonyms broaden your terminology base and deliver the information your customers are looking for. 

There's no need to update each question separately. Once a group of synonyms is created, it takes effect across the entire knowledge base.

Creating and editing synonyms

Option 1. The Synonyms Console

  1. Go to SettingsKnowledge Base.
    The "Knowledge base: Synonyms" page is displayed.
  2. On the "Knowledge base: Synonyms" page, click Add new synonyms group.
    The Synonym group editor is displayed.
  3. Enter words which you'd like to treat as synonyms.
    Once you've entered the first word, the editor will recommend other relevant synonyms to choose from.
    You may either choose from the recommended words by clicking on them or enter your desired words in the New synonym box.
  4. Save your changes.

Deleting an existing group of synonyms:

Just click the relevant trash icon.

You may also delete an existing group by entering the synonym group editor, as explained above, and clicking on the 'Delete group' tab.

The second way through which you may control groups of synonyms is explained on the next page.

Option 2. Phrasings editor, from within an article

  1. Go to Knowledge > All Articles and open an existing article or create a new one.
  2. In the article editor, open the Phrasings section and click Synonyms.
  3. Click+ Add' to create a group of synonyms.

You may notice how the same question repeats itself in different phrasings with similar words. Once we create groups of synonyms, all four questions can be minimized into one.

 If there's already an existing group of synonyms for a word, you may edit the group by clicking on the synonyms. When editing a group, the synonym group editor will open.

With the following groups of synonyms, there's no need to rephrase the question in a couple of different ways:

How do Synonyms work?