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Synonyms Editor Guide

Using synonyms enhances your knowledge base and improves search results easily and quickly with Synonyms Groups.


With the synonyms feature, you can create groups of synonyms of your choice, elevating the customer experience and optimizing your representatives' work.


Once a group of synonyms is created, it takes effect across the entire knowledge base!

There's no need to update each question separately. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Intelligent: Better understanding of customer questions.
  • Efficient: Representatives can spend less time creating and updating question phrasings.
  • Fast: Creating groups of synonyms is made easy and quick.


How do I use the synonyms feature?

You may create or edit groups of synonyms in two separate ways:

(I) The Synonyms Console

First, log into your account. Go to Settings => Knowledge Base and choose the Synonyms tab on the left hand side.

Inside the Synonyms Console, you may view all existing groups of synonyms.

In order to create, edit or delete groups, follow the steps on the next page.

Creating a new group of synonyms:

1. Click on  on the bottom of the page to open the synonym group editor.

2. Enter words which you'd like to treat as synonyms. Once you've entered the first word, the editor will recommend other relevant synonyms to choose from. You may either choose from the recommended words by clicking on them or enter your desired words in the 'New synonym' box.

3. Once you're done creating a group of synonyms, click on the 'Save' tab.

Editing an existing group of synonyms:

1. Click on the desired group in the list. The synonym group editor will open.
2. You may add new words as explained above or delete existing ones by pointing the cursor over them and clicking on the X symbol.

3. Once you're done editing the group, click on the 'Save' tab.

Deleting an existing group of synonyms:

1. Just click the relevant trash icon.

2. You may also delete an existing group by entering the synonym group editor, as explained above, and clicking on the 'Delete group' tab.

The second way through which you may control groups of synonyms is explained on the next page.

(II) The Phrasings Editor

1. Enter your knowledge base.
2. Open an existing question or create a new one.
3. Once you open the phrasings editor, you may access the synonym group editor by clicking on 'Synonyms' in the desired phrasing.

You may notice how the same question repeats itself in different phrasings with similar words. Once we create groups of synonyms, all four questions can be minimized into one.

4. After clicking on 'Synonyms', click on '+ Add' to create a group of synonyms for the desired word.

5. If there's already an existing group of synonyms for a word, you may edit the group by clicking on the synonyms. When editing a group, the synonym group editor will open.

6. Once a group of synonyms has been created or edited for a particular phrasing, it will take effect on the whole knowledge base. Groups can always be accessed through the Synonym Console (In Settings).

With the following groups of synonyms, there's no need to rephrase the question in a couple of different ways:

How do Synonyms work?