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What is the Search Optimizer?

The search optimizer, located in 'Voices', contains the questions that were asked and shows which ones were not automatically answered by the system (no search result), which were escalated, which were answered automatically and what answer were replied.

This data helps you to understand which questions need to be added or merged into existing questions. 

You can filter questions by keyword, satisfied answers and unsatisfied answers (no search results, unanswered questions , escalated to chat, escalated to ticket).

This feature replaces the unanswered questions tab. It means that in addition to unanswered and escalated questions, you can also manage the answered questions – view the answers that were returned by Nanorep and correct any wrong ones.

You can also view trends. By viewing trends, you can understand which topics (questions) are more or less trending compared to the previous time period.

What do I do with this data?

  • Check the top questions in the list (the most common questions) to see which questions need to be dealt with first.
  • Merge questions to existing answers.
  • Delete unnecessary questions (such as prank questions)

How do I do that?

  • Go to "Voices"and select the "Search Optimizer" tab.

  • Take a look at the status of the questions. These questions tend to quickly add up, so you should maintain this list (by deleting unnecessary questions, merging questions to existing answers, or adding new answers) on a daily base.
  • These icons indicate the type of questions:

 - The question was escalated to a ticket

 - The question was escalated to chat

  - No results found in the widget for this question.

  • Click on a question to display the answer editor.
  • Search one of the existing answers suitable for this question by using the 'Merge with existing answer 'field. Select an answer and when a user will ask this question or a similar phrased question, he will get the answer you selected.
  • If no suitable answer was found or you choose to create a new one, use the answer editor. After writing the answer, click on "Publish" to immediately publish it to the online knowledge base or  "Save draft" to move it to the "publish answers" for further examination.