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How do the answers yet to be published are shown?

If you edit an answer and save it instead of publishing right away, this answer will be saved as Draft. You resume draft editing any time until you're satisfied with the article. Saving article as draft does not affect widget as it will still provide version of article prior to draft changes.

Drafts can exists unlimited amount of time, but need to get published in order to be presented as answers to  widget users' questions. 

If draft was not published at least once it also gets label "Never Published".

To publish answers:

  1. In the menu bar, go to Knowledgebase => "All articles"
  2. Click the answer that you wish to publish, to open the Answer Editor.
  3. Edit the question and the answer, so that the question and answer are both written in a way that adds to the optimization of the information in the Knowledge Base.
  4. Once you have finished editing the content, click Publish. This adds the new content to the knowledge-base.    


That's it!