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How do the answers yet to be published show up in the "Publish Answers" queue?

Answers that have not yet been published are called drafts, and are displayed in the Publish section.

For answers to be included in the Knowledge Base, they need to be published, otherwise they will remain in draft form, and will not be used as suggested answers to any questions asked by customers.

Numerical indications showing how many draft answers exist are shown on the Publish tab, and the Publish Answers tab.

To publish answers:

  1. In the menu bar, go to Publish => Publish Answers. Displayed is a list of answers waiting to be edited and published.
  2. Click the answer that you wish to publish, to open the Answer Editor.

  3. Edit the question and the answer, so that the question and answer are both written in a way that adds to the optimization of the information in the Knowledge Base.
  4. Once you have finished editing the content, click Publish. This adds the new content to the knowledge-base.
  5. The change is shown in the display of how your widget will look, in the right-hand section of the page.  Click the Save changes button that is displayed, and then click OK. The change is made instantaneously in the widget on your website.