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What is the inner voices page?

In the voices dashboard, a new page now available and contains visual data per phrase, including user comments, number of feedbacks, related article that was answered to the user, and more: voice can be seen per phrase in an easy and visual way.

Open the Dashboard => the page can be reached by clicking on a Voice:

  1. "Phrase Interactions" - number of interactions for this phrase (per the selected date range).

  2. "Phrase Interactions From Total Interactions" - percent of interactions of this specific phrase from entire voice interactions (per the selected date range).

  3. "Negative Feedback" - negative feedback for this phrase (per the selected date range).

  4. "Positive Feedbacks" - positive feedback for this phrase (per the selected date range).

  5. Comments are clustered according to article versions - current version and a cluster for older versions.

  6. The color of the phrase will be according to our common color scheme (red, blue and the elusive green).

  7. Navigating the arrows next to the phrase name will rotate the inner voices page between the voice’s different phrases.

  8. Context filter for the inner voices dashboard doesn’t apply on the inner voices page (yet).