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How to set up auto link guidance?


"Autolink" allows you to automatically navigate the user to a desired page(url) saving unnecessary clicks and providing a more seamless self service experience.

The auto navigation will take effect only when Nanorep returns a single matching answer to the user's query. The amount of milliseconds before the autolink navigation is executed can be configured to create the desired experience.


How to set up autolink in Nanorep answers?

1. Login to the Nanorep console, and navigate to Knowledge base => All articles, and choose an article to set up auto link guidance for.

2. In the article editor page, set the "Guidance" field to "Autolink".

3. Under the "URL" field, enter the URL on which the users will be guided to navigate to.

4. In the "Title" field, enter the title for the link.

5. Check the "Keep article open on target page" in case you want the keep the article open in widget, once the user landed on the target page.

6. "Allow users to abort" this option allows the user to choose to abort the autolink.


Example of autolink guidance set up in answer from the knowledge base:

Example for autolink guidance reflected in the floating widget: