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Ticketing System

How to create an auto-reply when tickets arrive?

Auto Reply Rule

You can set a rule to send autoreply to all tickets created in the inbox.

For example: Suppose we set a rule to auto reply all tickets (action="Send email"):

Setting Auto Reply

  1. Go to Settings->Ticketing -> Rules
  2. Select the trigger 'When a ticket is created in the inbox' on the screen.
  3. Click on "Add rule…"
  4. If we want the auto reply to be viable for all tickets, like in our example, we don't need any condition. What we do need is to set the action to "Send email" and then click the "Edit email" link.

  5. Edit the email you want to send.
  6. Use the replacements for auto reply: Email address [EMAIL], email subject [SUBJECT], email body [BODY]. Using the replacement templates will allow you to send an auto reply back to the sender (EMAIL), to use the original ticket subject in the subject (SUBJECT) as well as use the original ticket body (BODY) in the body of the email. You can also combine any additional info of your own. In our example, we combined the 'Re:' before the SUBJECT replacement and some text (the text not in bold) above the BODY replacement.