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How do I set Automatic Signature to tickets?

Automatic Signature Configuration

The automatic signature is the signature that signs agents' responses.

To configure the Automatic Signature:

  1. Go to Settings →Ticketing → Signatures tab 

  2. You can use the basic signature shown on the screen.
  3. Click the 'New Signature' button to create a signature
  4. You can choose to share the signature with other agents.
  5. You can also limit the agent to a default signature.

  6. You can also use replacements:
    • My name: %repName%
    • My Username: %username%
    • My Email: %repEmail%
    • User's email: %ticketEmail%
    • User's name: %name%
    • Ticket Title: %ticketTitle%
    • Message quote: %quote%
    • Context category: %context category%