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Ticketing System

How do I define channeling policy?


The Channeling settings allow you to set up the escalation paths and rules on your Nanorep widgets. Use this ability to forward visitor engagements to another escalation channel such as chat, email or click-to-call.


How to use the channeling engine:

1. Navigate to the Channeling page, under Channeling -> Policy,

and click on the "Add channel" button.

2. Under the " Channel type:" drop down, choose channel type (Chat, Phone, Email).

3. Once a channel type is chosen, the re-channeling option will be divided into two.

In the "Show" section, select the Channeling properties.


Example: Choose channel type "Ticket".

In the "Button Text" field, enter the name of the email escalation button.

Under "Action on user escalation:" choose the action that will take place when a user clicks on the email escalation button.

In Nanorep, you can select either the Nanorep contact form or a URL link.

If  "Show contact form" is chosen, under "Select contact form" you can choose the existing contact forms in the Nanorep account.


In the "IF" section, choose the conditions that will trigger the ticket channel which is set up under the "Show" section.

List of conditions:


User Query:  The text the user used during search in widget.

Answer Label:  The label assigned to the answer which is populated in the widget.

Domain: The domain of the widget configuration. (The domain list is the same domain list in the widget configuration.)

Origin URL:  The URL address to set up the condition from.

Form Values:  Insert the values to trigger the ticket escalation via contact form. (To be used only for contact forms.)

Search Result: Two options can be chosen here, "No result" and "Has Result".

Page context: To be used only if contextual abilities are enabled in the account.

Query Language: To be used to trigger a certain rule, if the query is searched by a specific language. (Use this condition only if translation is enabled in your widgets.)

Day and time: This condition is used for triggering escalation channels by a specific day and time.