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What are the SLA 'Closed' time modes?

Default mode:

By default in Nanorep, when a ticket is under status 'closed' the SLA for the resolution time will continue to count and will not stop.



 A ticket 'new ticket' was raised at 9:00AM, and was closed after 5 minutes.

The ticket stayed on status 'Closed' for 8 hours, after 8 hours, the end user replied to the ticket and the ticket was re-open

Once the ticket is re-open, the SLA resolution time for ticket is 8 hours.


SLA ignores time spent in 'Closed' state mode:

This mode will make sure that if a ticket is under status 'Closed' the SLA will not count as long as the ticket is set on status 'Closed'.



A new ticket was open at 10:00AM, and was closed after 1 hour.

The end user replied to the ticket 8 hours after it was closed.

Once the ticket is re-open the SLA for this ticket will be one hour, since it is not calculating the hours the ticket spent on status 'Closed'.


How do I enable the SLA to ignore time spent in 'Closed' state mode?

1. Go to Settings > Ticketing > SLA Tracking tab.

2. Enable the "SLA ignores time spent in 'Closed' state." field.

3. Click on the "Save changes" button.